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Infinite Banking Concept: The Problem

The Problem

by Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking Concept, p.17-18

When it comes to money, the sophisticated investor to the average Joe seems to chase after a rate of return. I contend that most of us are leaving out half of the equation.  But it’s not our fault; its how we’ve been taught to think and act.  It is this notion of “being taught” or directed that move us as individuals to perform no real, creative or original thinking.  Instead we accept.  I have to continually challenge myself to think “outside the box” of my normal processing. Can you relate?

This short excerpt from Nelson Nash's book The Infinite Banking Concept is excellent.  He illustratively addresses two money concepts that defy what we have been “taught”: 1. Volume of interest, and 2. controlling your financial environment.

Download PDF - IBC, The Problem

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