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Is Life Insurance a Good Investment Right Now

Is Life Insurance a Good Investment Right Now?

by Robert P. Murphy, PhD, LMR, May 2017

My business partner and coauthor Carlos Lara and I have been warning since the financial crisis of 2008 that the Federal Reserve’s response has merely set us up for another crash. In September 2016 we released a video entitled, “How to Weather the Coming Financial Storms” which outlined our prognosis, and gave strategies for business owners and households to protect themselves. In this video, we recommended that Americans: (1) Acquire at least a month’s worth of currency, (2) acquire 6 - 18 months’ worth of gold (or silver), and (3) start funding a dividend-paying Whole Life insurance policy configured according
to Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC).

In this context, readers of the LMR and/or listeners to our podcast (“The Lara-Murphy Show”) often ask: How does it make sense to load up on life insurance, if the Fed is setting us up for an economic crisis, possibly coupled with a fall or even crash of the currency? Doesn’t elementary analysis say that if you expect the US dollar to fall, you don’t want to be in dollar-denominated assets like life insurance?

Over the course of two issues, I will answer this excellent question. In this first article, I will outline the theoretical considerations. In other words, I want to properly frame the reader’s thinking, because many people misunderstand what Carlos and I are saying, and we need to adjust their thinking to properly weigh the issues. In the second article (which will run in the June 2017 LMR), I’ll review the latest statistics on the assets of life insurers, to assess their relative health compared to other financial institutions.

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