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The Truth Will Out for Us, Like it Did for Job

The Truth Will Out for Us, Like it Did for Job

By Gordon S. Gruickshank

Foundation for Economic Education, May 21, 2017

Many questions naturally flow from the book of Job: what can we learn about the trials of Job? Is Job’s experience relevant to us today? How should we respond to difficulties – do we question our actions or do we stoically move forward? Does adhering to the laws of the land and being faithful offer protection from loss and problems? What exactly was Job’s job?

Albert Nock wrote years ago about society and civilization depending on the Remnant as the preservers of what was once universally treasured – a society of right laws and justice. A society dedicated to a universal legal system, a limited, honored, and time-tested set of laws, in conformity with the natural inclinations of human nature, guided by tradition, which allows for the sustenance of civilization.

Societies that function at the whimsy of elected and appointed leaders historically fail to preserve a moral civilization and an economically growing culture. Mankind is eternally flawed and, like Job, is often self-deceived by believing they are righteous. Without timeless laws that are limited, proven, and evenly enforced, the corruption of mankind’s leadership will be exhibited. Arbitrary and capricious leadership leads to the degradation of society.

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