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An American Original

An American Original

By L. Carlos Lara

LMR April 2017

Recently I celebrated a landmark birthday that ushered in the last quarter of my life. Now that I find myself here I can honestly say that it’s not so much that one gets wiser with age, but it’s more about having so much more to look at in hindsight. From this angle you get to review and analyze all the errors you have committed in earlier years as well as the few good things you have managed to do right. 

Certainly one major benefit of reaching this vantage point is in taking time to remember special personalities, acquaintances, and friends who have crossed your path along your life’s journey especially when you suddenly learn of their death. In this LMR article I have chosen to write about one such individual who passed away just last month and one who left an indelible impression on me. I share his story with you because one particular anecdote of his life is very relevant to anyone who currently practices Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), or anyone else who is seriously thinking about doing so.

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